Eagles, Crows to grieve some more in AFL

West Coast chief executive Trevor Nisbett says it’s still too early in the grieving process to name a trophy in honour of slain Adelaide coach Phil Walsh.


Walsh, who was allegedly murdered by his son last week, will be honoured during Saturday night’s match between West Coast and Adelaide at Domain Stadium.

Like last round, players will observe a minute’s silence prior to the match before linking arms in a circle after the game.

Team banners and club songs will once again be canned, with players to wear black arm bands.

There had been talk a best player or game medal might be named in Walsh’s honour.

But Nisbett said it was too early in the grieving process to organise something like that.

“We think the family has got enough to deal with without trying to build it up to a celebration or something else, because it’s certainly not,” Nisbett said.

“We’d like to make sure Adelaide get the respect they deserve with losing their senior coach, and the players get the opportunity to grieve in their own special way.

“We sort of left it in Adelaide’s hands to some degree as to what they’d like.

“Generally, they’d like their players to experience what all the other players experienced last week.”

A memorial service for Walsh will be held at Adelaide Oval next Wednesday.

Nisbett revealed the Eagles would also hold their own memorial for Walsh, who spent five years as an assistant at West Coast.

“We’ve had to offer staff and players the opportunity to use counsellors, and some have taken that up, which has been good,” Nisbett said.

“And our chaplain Paul Morrison has been outstanding this week, and will continue to be available.”

Saturday’s match will be Adelaide’s first since Walsh died.

Nisbett said it would be hard to predict how players from both sides will perform.

“Some will play out of their skins, while some won’t be able to play as well as they normally do,” Nisbett said.

“There’ll be a mix of emotions right through the game.

“We had issues last week with some of our boys playing (against Melbourne in Darwin). It was pretty noticeable at times.

“But they were able to get the job done and get through the game.”

Nisbett welled up with emotion while speaking about Walsh on Thursday.

He said Walsh’s death and the circumstances surrounding it were like nothing he’s ever seen before.

“I suppose the closest thing from a club personal point of view was Mainy’s (Chris Mainwaring’s)passing. It was tragic circumstances but nothing like this,” Nisbett said.