Stuart’s NRL fine reduced by $5000

Canberra coach Ricky Stuart’s fine for breaking NRL media policy has been reduced by $5000 on appeal.


Stuart was hit with a $20,000 fine for five breaches including walking out of a post-game media conference following the side’s loss to Brisbane in May.

However, the NRL reduced it to $15,000 on Friday after accepting part of the club’s appeal.

One of the five breaches was for not providing dressing room access to media after the match however the NRL accepted it might have been unintentional.

“The final fine issued to the Canberra club was $15,000,” a NRL spokesman said.

“The NRL reduced the penalty by $5000 after accepting that breaches relating to post-match media interviews may have been unintentional.”

The Raiders were also fined for Stuart walking out of a post-match media conference after just one question and the Raiders’ coach not making himself available for a halftime interview with host broadcaster Fox Sports.

Stuart’s post-match comments were also taken as a veiled criticism of referees Gavin Badger and Chris Sutton, who officiated the Broncos’ 24-12 win over the Raiders.

Stuart walked out of the post-game media conference after uttering just 68 words.

“No it wasn’t one of those games … (NRL head of football) Toddy Greenberg, he was at the game tonight and I just really hope he saw what I saw,” Stuart said at the time.

“It’s a lot healthier for our club if we don’t go any further into this press conference. I have respect for all the media – it’s got nothing to do with you, but it’s just a lot healthier if I don’t continue. Thanks.”

It was his 10th fine during his 13-year coaching career and he has amassed penalties totalling $120,000 in that time.

He was also sacked as Australian coach for abusing referee Ashley Klein in a hotel lobby following the Kangaroos’ loss in the 2008 World Cup final, and fined $20,000.